Vascular Dopplers

Cost Effective Ultrasound Arterial DopplersDurable and Sensitive Vascular Dopplers

Newman Medical’s DigiDop Dopplers with modern features offer a great value for your arterial diagnostic needs. With multiple probes choices, DigiDop vascular dopplers are an excellent choice for arterial or venous diagnosis throughout the body.

Our durable vascular ultrasound dopplers are designed to last through years of everyday office use. We have been manufacturing and selling dopplers for over 40 years, so we know the DigiDop will stand up to tough office settings. As a testament to that belief, Newman Medical offers the industry’s best warranty – 5 years. Our honest warranty covers all labor and all parts – including probes and cords.

  • Valuable. You want a sensitive Doppler that is durable and there when you need it.
  • Sensitive. The DigiDop offers modern Digital Signal Clarity (DSC) that produces clear, sharp vascular sounds.
  • We stand behind our product. We offer the Industry Leading 5 year warranty that covers all parts & labor.
  • Made in the USA. We’re proud to manufacture our products near Denver, Colorado.

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Vascular Display Dopplers

DD-990R Vascular Doppler

Rechargeable Table Top Vascular Doppler with Display.

DD-701 Vascular Doppler

Rechargeable Digital Vascular Doppler with Display. Promotional Offer!

DD-700 Vascular Doppler

Digital Vascular Doppler with Display.

DD-700 Vascular Combo

Digital Obstetrical Doppler with Display.

DD-700 VASC-OB Combo

Digital Vascular-Obstetrical Combo Doppler.

Vascular Non-Display Dopplers

DD-301 Vascular Doppler

Rechargeable Digital Vascular Doppler without Display. Audio Only. Promotional Offer!

DD-300 Vascular Doppler

Digital Vascular Doppler without Display. Audio Only.

DD-300 Vascular Combo

Digital Non-display Vascular Combo Doppler.

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