IMEX / Natus / Nicolet Doppler Cross-Reference

Natus is exiting the Doppler business.  Many obstetrical and vascular healthcare providers will soon be looking for a replacement Doppler.   

It can be stressful when a Doppler you are adapted to using becomes discontinued. Researching a similar replacement product can be daunting and time-consuming. It is also important to obtain a new quality Doppler replacement – Made in the USA – that will be supported for many years. 

We’re excited to offer a quick and easy solution for both concerns. We believe that Newman Medical DigiDop Dopplers should be your first consideration for your new replacement Doppler.  

The Newman family founded Imex/Nicolet/Natus over 45 years ago and developed the Natus technology that you already know and love. Through continuous research and innovation, the DigiDop was developed based off of Natus Doppler technology, but even better!

Find your DigiDop replacement in seconds using our Natus-Newman Doppler Model Calculator or download the Natus – Newman Doppler Model Cross-Reference Chart (PDF) to keep handy for future reference.

If you are new to Dopplers, use our Build-a-Doppler tool below to select different options and receive your matching DigiDop model number.

Natus Discontinued Dopplers

  • Nicolet Elite Handheld Doppler
    • Elite 100
    • Elite 100R
    • Elite 200
    • Elite 200R
  • Nicolet Pocket-Dop II Handheld Doppler
  • Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Counter-Top Doppler