IMEX / Natus / Nicolet Doppler Cross-Reference

Looking to replace your Natus Doppler? We built the original!

Newman Medical’s DigiDop offers:

  • Exceptional Support: Speak directly to our knowledgeable team, no waiting!
  • Innovative Technology: DigiDop Dopplers: advanced performance, proven reliability.
  • Trusted Legacy: 45+ years of ultrasound expertise for consistent quality.
  • American-Made Quality: Durable Dopplers built to last, using premium materials.
  • Unbeatable 5-Year Warranty: Peace of mind with comprehensive coverage.

Find your perfect DigiDop replacement now! Use our Natus cross-reference calculator or download a PDF for easy reference.

         Natus Dopplers

  • Nicolet Elite Handheld Doppler
    • Elite 100
    • Elite 100R
    • Elite 200
    • Elite 200R
  • Nicolet Pocket-Dop II Handheld Doppler
  • Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Counter-Top Doppler 

Find your DigiDop replacement in seconds using our Natus cross-reference calculator below or download the PDF version by clicking the button to the right to keep handy for future reference.

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Natus – IMEX to DigiDop Doppler Cross-Reference Chart
Natus SKU DigiDop Classic DigiDop II Natus SKU DigiDop Classic DigiDop II Natus SKU DigiDop Classic DigiDop II
EN20 DD-300-D2 DD-330-D2 ED20 DD-700-D2 DD-770-D2 P200 DD-301-D2 DD-330R-D2
EN20R DD-301-D2 DD-330R-D2 ED20R DD-701-D2 DD-770R-D2 P300 DD-301-D3 DD-330R-D3
EN30 DD-300-D3 DD-330-D3 ED23 DD-700-OB N/A P500 DD-301-D5 DD-330R-D5
EN30R DD-301-D3 DD-330R-D3 ED2W DD-700-D2W DD-770-D2W P800 DD-301-D8 DD-330R-D8
EN50 DD-300-D5 DD-330-D5 ED2WR DD-701-D2W DD-770R-D2W IMEXDOP CT+
EN50R DD-301-D5 DD-330R-D5 ED30 DD-700-D3 DD-770-D3
EN58 DD-300-VASC N/A ED30R DD-701-D3 DD-770R-D3 Natus SKU DigiDop Classic DigiDop II
EN80 DD-300-D8 DD-330-D8 ED50 DD-700-D5 DD-770-D5 CT20+ DD-901-D2 N/A
EN80R DD-301-D8 DD-330R-D8 ED50R DD-701-D5 DD-770R-D5 CT30+ DD-901-D3 N/A
EN8 DD-PAD N/A ED28 DD-700-VASC N/A CT50+ DD-901-D5 N/A
ED80 DD-700-D8 DD-770-D8 CT80+ DD-901-D8 N/A
ED80R DD-701-D8 DD-770R-D8