IMEX / Natus / Nicolet Doppler Cross-Reference

If you are seeking a replacement for the Natus Doppler, we have the perfect solution for you. Newman Medical, the company that founded Imex/Nicolet/Natus and developed the Natus technology, has created the DigiDop – a Doppler that is similar to your Natus Doppler. Our continuous research and innovation have resulted in a product that we know you will love.

Newman Medical’s DigiDop comes with many advantages, including:

  • An unrivaled 5-year warranty that includes parts, labor, and even breakage
  • Made in the USA
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior customer service and technical support with average of 25+ years’ experience
  • Most DigiDop Dopplers are currently in stock for quick delivery

Find your DigiDop replacement in seconds using our Natus-Newman Doppler Model Calculator or download the Natus – Newman Doppler Model Cross-Reference Chart (PDF) to keep handy for future reference.

If you are new to Dopplers, use our Build-a-Doppler tool below to select different options and receive your matching DigiDop model number.

Natus Dopplers

  • Nicolet Elite Handheld Doppler
    • Elite 100
    • Elite 100R
    • Elite 200
    • Elite 200R
  • Nicolet Pocket-Dop II Handheld Doppler
  • Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Counter-Top Doppler