simpleABI Cuff-Link Systems

Time Efficient & Cost Effective ABI Systems for Vascular TestingStreamline PAD Diagnosis with simpleABI Automated Cuff-Link Systems

Early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is crucial for optimal patient care. Newman Medical’s innovative simpleABI Automated Cuff-Link Systems empower healthcare professionals with efficient and accurate PAD diagnosis.

SimpleABI Systems Offer:

  • Comprehensive Exam Capabilities: Perform a wide range of PAD assessments, including:
    • Traditional Doppler-based ABI exams (single-level, segmental, TBI, stress, and exercise)
    • Rapid PVR exams (ideal for diabetic patients with calcified arteries) with the built-in ABI-Q exam.
  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency:
    • Automated Convenience: Let the system handle cuff selection and inflation, minimizing errors and maximizing your time.
    • Seamless Data Integration: DICOM compatibility ensures smooth data transfer to your existing electronic health record (EHR) system.
    • Portability: Move the system effortlessly between rooms for ultimate workflow flexibility.
  • Ergonomic Design: The simpleABI Cuff-Link roll-stand adjusts to the most comfortable height for both practitioner and patient.
  • Reimbursable Accuracy: SimpleABI systems generate clear, full-page reports with comprehensive data necessary for accurate PAD diagnosis and efficient reimbursement.
  • Industry-Leading Reliability: We stand behind our product with a 2-year warranty, ensuring lasting performance and peace of mind.
  • American-Made Quality: SimpleABI systems are proudly designed and manufactured in Denver, Colorado, using high-quality materials.

Additional Features:

  • Print Your Way: Connect to any printer for clear, full-size reports on your preferred paper, eliminating the need for small, thermal paper printouts.
  • Backup Virtual Remote: A virtual remote on the system ensures uninterrupted operation even if the physical remote malfunctions.

Don’t compromise on accuracy and efficiency when diagnosing PAD. Choose simpleABI Automated Cuff-Link Systems and empower yourself to deliver exceptional patient care.

Newman Medical simpleABI Cuff-Link Systems

  • ABI-Q Exam
  • Single Level Testing
  • Multi Level Testing
  • ABI Exercise & Stress Testing
  • Roll Stand
  • 2 year warranty
  • DICOM Compatible
  • Included Cuffs
  • More Information
  • simpleABI-600CL Multi-Level + Exercise System
  • Optional
  • 2x10cm; 4x12cm; 2x12cm long; 2×2.5cm
  • simpleABI 600CL Details

Very Professional report worksheet into DICOM/PACS

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