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We believe the best way to convince you of the DigiDop’s quality is by allowing you to try it for yourself. We are confident that you will love this Doppler, so there are no risks – you have 45 days to test it out and hear the difference.

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45-Day Risk-Free Doppler Trial FAQs

What is the 45-Day risk-free trial?

We will send you a DigiDop Doppler of your choice to try out for 45-days at your office so you can experience the DigiDop difference for yourself.

How do I sign up for a 45-Day, risk-free trial?

You may sign up for a 45-day trial by completing the form above.  Alternatively, you may call Newman Medical directly at 1-800-267-5549 to set up a trial.

Why is my credit card needed to sign up for a trial?

While we require a credit card on file for the Doppler trial, your credit card will not be charged unless you decide to purchase the Doppler or if it is not returned within the 45-day trial.  You are responsible for returning or paying for the Doppler at the end of your trial period.

If the Doppler is not returned in its original packaging at the end of the 45-day trial,  your credit card will be charged the list price for the Doppler model.

DigiDop Doppler List Prices:

Doppler Model List Price
DD-300 – Non-Display $553.85
DD-330 – Non-Display $553.85
DD-330R – Rechargeable Non-Display $630.77
DD-301 – Rechargeable Non-Display $630.77
DD-700 – Display $807.69
DD-770 – Display $807.69
DD-770R – Rechargeable Display $884.62
DD-701 – Rechargeable Display $884.62
DD-901 Tabletop $1,038.46

Can I try multiple devices for 45 days, risk-free?

Yes, you can try different models for 45 days, risk-free within the promotional period.

How do I return my device at the end of the trial?

Return your device by shipping it back to the Newman Medical headquarters at:

Newman Medical

Attn: Doppler Trial Dept
5350 Vivian Street, Unit C,

Arvada, CO 80002

Who pays to ship the Doppler back once the trial is over?

Your Doppler trial will arrive with a pre-paid return label in the box for a convenient return process with no financial obligation to you.

What condition does my device need to be in to return?

The Doppler should power-on, work as expected, and be free of cracks or damage.