VasoCuff EZ-Clean Reusable Cuffs

Reduce The Risks Of Cross ContaminationEZ-Clean Reusable Vascular Cuffs

Protect your and your patients health! Newman Medical is proud to offer EZ-Clean reusable vascular cuffs that can help reduce the risks of cross contamination.

Infection control is a major concern in today’s healthcare facilities.  Blood pressure cuffs are increasingly being noted as a potential source of infection cross contamination, and current vascular cuffs are notoriously difficult to keep clean and may be impossible to disinfect. With Newman Medical’s EZ-Clean vascular cuffs, the opportunity now exists to disinfect cuffs in between uses. Made of a non-porous membrane, EZ-Clean cuffs can be wiped with a disinfectant in between uses.

CUFF-SET-440 – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuffs

Set of 4 each of 10cm and 4 each of 12cm EZ-Clean VasoCuff vascular cuffs.

CUFF-210L – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuff, 12cm long

12cm long Vascular Cuff for use on upper leg.

CUFF-210 – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuff, 12cm

12cm Vascular Cuff for use on the arm or leg.

CUFF-200 – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuff, 10cm

10cm Vascular Cuff for use on the arm or ankle.