Cooper Surgical Doppler Cross-Reference

DigiDop Cross-Reference: Find Your LifeDop Doppler Replacement

Facing Doppler supply issues? Choose Confidence. Choose Newman Medical.

Newman Medical offers a superior solution that delivers exceptional value:

  • Exceptional Support: Speak directly to our knowledgeable team, no waiting!
  • Innovative Technology: DigiDop Dopplers: advanced performance, proven reliability.
  • Trusted Legacy: 45+ years of ultrasound expertise for consistent quality.
  • American-Made Quality: Durable Dopplers built to last, using premium materials.
  • Unbeatable 5-Year Warranty: Peace of mind with comprehensive coverage.

DigiDop isn’t just a Doppler, it’s a reliable partner.

Quickly find your replacement using our cross-reference calculator or download a PDF for easy reference.

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Cooper Surgical LifeDop to DigiDop Cross-Reference Chart
LifeDop 150/150A/150R LifeDop 250/250AR/250R   LifeDop 350 Tabletop
Cooper SKU DigiDop Classic DigiDop II Cooper SKU DigiDop Classic DigiDop II Cooper SKU DigiDop Tabletop
L150-SD2 DD-300-D2 DD-330-D2 L250-SD2 DD-700-D2 DD-770-D2 L350R-SD2 DD-901-D2
L150-SD3 DD-300-D3 DD-330-D3 L250-SD3 DD-700-D3 DD-770-D3 L350R-SD3 DD-901-D3
L150-SD4 DD-300-D5 DD-330-D5 L250-SD4 DD-700-D5 DD-770-D5 L350R-SD4 DD-901-D5
L150-SD5 DD-300-D5 DD-330-D5 L250-SD5 DD-700-D5 DD-770-D5 L350R-SD5 DD-901-D5
L150-SD8 DD-300-D8 DD-330-D8 L250-SD8 DD-700-D8 DD-770-D8 L350R-SD8 DD-901-D8
L150-SDW DD-300-D2W DD-330-D2W L250-SDW DD-700-D2W DD-770-D2W L350R-SDW DD-901-D2W
L150A-SD2 N/A DD-330A-D2 L250AR-SD2 N/A DD-770AR-D2
L150A-SD3 N/A DD-330A-D3 L250AR-SD3 N/A DD-770AR-D3 Discontinued SKU*
L150A-SD4 N/A DD-330A-D5 L250AR-SD4 N/A DD-770AR-D5
L150A-SD5 N/A DD-330A-D5 L250AR-SD5 N/A DD-770AR-D5
L150A-SD8 N/A DD-330A-D8 L250AR-SD8 N/A DD-770AR-D8
L150A-SDW N/A DD-330A-D2W L250AR-SDW N/A DD-770AR-D2W
L150R-SD2 DD-301-D2 DD-330R-D2 L250R-SD2 DD-701-D2 DD-770R-D2
L150R-SD3 DD-301-D3 DD-330R-D3 L250R-SD3 DD-701-D3 DD-770R-D3
L150R-SD4 DD-301-D5 DD-330R-D5 L250R-SD4 DD-701-D5 DD-770R-D5
L150R-SD5 DD-301-D5 DD-330R-D5 L250R-SD5 DD-701-D5 DD-770R-D5
L150R-SD8 DD-301-D8 DD-330R-D8 L250R-SD8 DD-701-D8 DD-770R-D8
L150R-SDW DD-301-D2W DD-330R-D2W L250R-SDW DD-701-D2W DD-770R-D2W
Discontinued SKU* Discontinued SKU*

*SKUs in bold red text are products that were discontinued by Cooper Surgical in a letter from Cooper Surgical dated 11/24/23  (ref: C-GL-CSI-000003)