Could You Be At Risk For PAD?

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Online Assessment Tool

Are you at risk for PAD?

If you smoke or have Type 2 diabetes, you’re at higher risk. Even without symptoms, get screened if you have risk factors.

To determine potential PAD risk, you can utilize Newman Medical’s PAD Risk Assessment Tool (click to access Spanish version). This resource takes into account various factors acknowledged by the American Heart Association as associated with PAD risk. Once you’ve entered your information, your results will be available at the bottom of the page*.

Should YOU be tested?

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Do any of these symptoms apply to you? Check the appropriate box.

Leg muscle tiredness, heaviness, or cramping
Pain and/or heaviness in legs while walking
Toes or feet that look pale, discolored or blue
Leg or foot pain that disturbs sleep
Sores or wounds on toes, feet, or legs that heal slowly or not at all
One leg or foot that feels colder than the other
Thick or yellow toenails that aren’t growing


Diabetic over 50 - Annual test for PAD recommended
Personal or family history of heart attack or stroke
Over age 65

Over 50 with any of the following:

History of smoking
High cholesterol
High blood pressure

The answers provided in your assessment point to a potential PAD risk, highlighting the need for arterial screening.

*Disclaimer: The information provided by this assessment tool is not intended for diagnosing diseases. It indicates whether an individual might be at a higher risk for peripheral artery disease (PAD) and could benefit from further screening. Factors such as smoking or having Type 2 diabetes elevate the risk. Even in the absence of symptoms, individuals with risk factors are encouraged to undergo screening. Always consult a healthcare professional for accurate medical advice and diagnosis.