VasoCuff Vascular Cuffs

A new standard in vascular cuffsVasoCuff Vascular Cuffs

Protect your and your patients health! Newman Medical is proud to offer a new standard in vascular cuffs that can help reduce the risks of cross contamination.VasoCuff Vascular Blood Pressure Cuff

Infection control is a major concern in today’s healthcare facilities.  Blood pressure cuffs are increasing being noted as a potential source of infection cross contamination, and current blood pressure cuffs are notoriously difficult to keep clean and may be impossible to disinfect.

With Newman Medical VasoCuff vascular cuffs, you now have 2 options – (i) reusable cuffs made of a non-porous material that can be spray disinfected between uses and (ii) disposable cuffs.

Both the reusable and disposable VasoCuff are compatible with all Newman Medical Vascular ABI systems.

01 Reusable VasoCuff Vascular Cuffs

02 Disposable VasoCuff Vascular Cuffs