Doppler Accessories

DigiDop Accessories

Accessories for DigiDop Dopplers.

D5 – 5MHz Vascular Probe

5MHz optimized for Vascular Use with DigiDop Doppler

D8 – 8MHz Vascular Probe

For Vascular Use with DigiDop Doppler

DPPG – Audio PPG Probe

DPPG - useful for toe brachial index

D3W – 3MHz Waterproof Fetal Probe

3MHz waterproof fetal probe

D2W – 2MHz Waterproof Fetal Probe

2MHz Waterproof Fetal Probe

D3 – 3MHz Fetal Probe

3MHz fetal probe

D2 – 2MHz Fetal Probe

2MHz fetal probe

ACC-101 – Wall/Table Base *DIGIDOP 300 AND 700 MODELS ONLY*

Base for use with DigiDop Doppler models DD-300 or DD-700.

CBL-170 – 2 foot (retracted length) Coiled Cord

2 foot replacement coil cord for use with DigiDop.

ACC-140 – Domestic DigiDop Recharger

Domestic recharger for DigiDop and DD-II Dopplers from Newman Medical. This is a standard micro USB charger. Maximum current output 1A.

BATT-120 – AAA Alkaline Batteries (package of 6)

AAA alkaline batteries - package of 6.

BATT-110 – AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (package of 6)

AA NiMH rechargeable batteries - package of 6.

ACC-170 – Carry bag for handheld Dopplers

Small carry bag for use with DigiDop.

ACC-175 – Carry Bag for ABI-300/ABI-250

In blue, for use with DigiDop or simpleABI

CBL-180 – 4 foot (retracted length) Coiled Cord

Extra long replacement coiled cord.

ACC-111 – Wall/Table Base *DIGIDOP 301 AND 701 MODELS ONLY* – RECHARGING

Base for use with DigiDop Doppler models DD-301 or DD-701.

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