Vascular Accessories

Accessories for simpleABI vascular systems.


SimpleABI Reporting Software DICOM license

DPPG – Audio PPG Probe

DPPG - useful for toe brachial index

D8 – 8MHz Vascular Probe

For Vascular Use with DigiDop Doppler

D5 – 5MHz Vascular Probe

5MHz optimized for Vascular Use with DigiDop Doppler

CUFF-SET-440 – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuffs

Set of 4 each of 10cm and 4 each of 12cm EZ-Clean VasoCuff vascular cuffs.

CUFF-SET-240D – 1.9cm VasoCuff Disposable Digit Cuffs

CUFF-SET-240D - Set of ten 1.9 cm Digital Cuff - Latex Free