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Patient Care

Welcome to our Patient Care Hub, designed specifically for healthcare professionals like yourself. It equips you to deliver the expected level of care to your patients and offer them information that will help them better understand PAD and the advantages of early detection. Discover a variety of resources, such as patient PAD screening tools and informative clinical materials, aimed at improving patient care. These resources align with your dedication to achieving optimal healthcare results. Begin utilizing these tools today to elevate patient care!

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a prevalent circulation issue where the body’s blood-carrying arteries narrow or get blocked. To assess if your patient might have PAD, print and complete the PAD screening document provided. If your patient answers “Yes” to any questions, they should be tested for PAD.

Click the green button above to download the PDF questionnaire.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a common circulatory condition characterized by narrowing or blockages in the body’s blood-carrying arteries. To determine if your patient may have PAD, simply click on the green button above to access our online PAD screening questionnaire. Should your patient respond “Yes” to any questions, it is advisable to have them screened for PAD.

To raise PAD awareness, start by educating your patients. Our PAD Awareness poster serves as a valuable resource to increase patient awareness, explaining what PAD is and stressing the significance of early detection. Click on the green button above to access and print our PAD Awareness poster for display in your office.

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