STND-131 – Roll Stand w/ Gel Holder Basket – *DIGIDOP 330R & 770R MODELS ONLY*

01 Overview

Roll Stand w/Basket - *DIGIDOP 330R & 770R MODELS ONLY* - RECHARGING. This roll stand works with models DD-330R & DD-770R to provide a convenient and portable stand for your Doppler. The stand will recharge the Doppler when plugged in to a wall outlet.

02 Product Details

Optimized Workflow with the DigiDop Roll Stand with Basket


Effortless Mobility for Streamlined Workflow

Maintain optimal organization and accessibility within your healthcare facility with the DigiDop Roll Stand with Basket. This mobile stand eliminates the need to carry your Doppler, freeing your hands for essential tasks.


Seamless Transportation Between Exam Rooms

The rolling design ensures smooth maneuvering of your Doppler and essential accessories throughout your workspace.


Reduce Hassle, Focus on Patient Care

Effortlessly transport your DigiDop Doppler and supplies wherever they’re needed, eliminating wasted time searching for misplaced equipment. This allows you to dedicate more time to patient care and deliver exceptional service.


Dedicated Design for a Superior Experience

This roll stand is specifically designed for your American-made DigiDop Doppler, ensuring a secure and stable platform for optimal performance, enhancing your overall experience.


DigiDop 330R and DigiDop 770R Dopplers (compatible with the STND-131)

Made in the USA

Our diagnostic products are designed and manufactured near Denver Colorado, a long-time center for diagnostic ultrasound products. Each product is individually inspected and tested to assure quality and durability. We have a very experienced team that has been in the Doppler business for many years – back to the time the first fetal Dopplers were introduced to the world.

Save Money

With the premium rechargeable batteries offered by Newman Medical, you’ll save money over the long run over purchasing a non-rechargeable Doppler. Rechargeable batteries are part of our honest 5 year warranty – that means not having to purchase a battery for your Doppler for 5 years!

Save Environment

The premium rechargeable batteries used in a DigiDop replace over 2100 non-rechargeable batteries. Some states consider it a serious crime to dispose of any type of battery any place other than special recycling centers.

Reduce Hassle

Don’t worry about switching batteries or having replacement batteries anymore. With the recharge Base and a rechargeable DigiDop you don’t have to worry about buying replacement batteries to have on hand.

Set on a Table or Mount on a Wall

The unique base can rest on a table or easily be wall mounted. It also attaches to a roll stand for ease of movement around an office.

Batteries and Smart Recharge System

Never worry about batteries again with this unique combination of premium batteries, Recharge Base, and Smart Recharge System – SRS™. We use batteries that can be recharged more than 2000 times, far more than usual rechargeable batteries. This reduces costs and waste significantly. These special batteries will maintain their charge for years when not being used. Our Smart Recharge System charges the batteries quickly but will not overcharge. The system also detects if non-rechargeable batteries have mistakenly been inserted and stops charging before causing damaging leakage. The DigiDop uses a standard micro USB connection so there is never confusion about whether the charger is the correct voltage.