STND-101 – Roll Stand w/ Gel Holder Basket – *DIGIDOP 300 & 700 MODELS ONLY*

01 Overview

Roll Stand w/Basket - *DIGIDOP 300 & 700 MODELS ONLY*. Provides a convenient and portable way to move your Doppler from office to office.

02 Product Details

Optimized Workflow with the DigiDop Roll Stand with Basket


Effortless Mobility for Streamlined Workflow

Maintain optimal organization and accessibility within your healthcare facility with the DigiDop Roll Stand with Basket. This mobile stand eliminates the need to carry your Doppler, freeing your hands for essential tasks.


Seamless Transportation Between Exam Rooms

The rolling design ensures smooth maneuvering of your Doppler and essential accessories throughout your workspace.


Reduce Hassle, Focus on Patient Care

Effortlessly transport your DigiDop Doppler and supplies wherever they’re needed, eliminating wasted time searching for misplaced equipment. This allows you to dedicate more time to patient care and deliver exceptional service.


Dedicated Design for a Superior Experience

This roll stand is specifically designed for your American-made DigiDop Doppler, ensuring a secure and stable platform for optimal performance, enhancing your overall experience.