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simplePVR – Newman Medical Introduces New, Quick PAD Exam

simplePVR – Diagnose PAD in 1 minute!

Your patients trust you to diagnose PAD. Here are some reasons that adding a Newman Medical simpleABI system to your set of diagnostic tools makes sense.

  • More than 10 million Americans (>200 million worldwide) have PAD
  • Undiagnosed PAD leads to heart attacks and strokes
  • simplePVR diagnosis may be performed in as little as 1 minute
  • simplePVR may be performed with patient sitting (or supine)
  • With simplePVR  – no need to remove shoes and socks

simplePVR Implementation

Let us show you how to easily diagnose PAD


simpleABI Systems
It makes sense to consider adding an ABI system to your practice.

simplePVR – Clinically Accurate!

  • Recent studies indicate a 92% correlation to color flow Doppler at the ankle1
  • PVR has been “an indispensable tool in the noninvasive laboratory for obtaining information regarding a patient’s perfusion in the lower extermities since 1973”2
  • Not affected by hand/toe temperature like PPG
  • Not affected by incompressible arteries, so especially helpful with diabetics

1 Lewis, J.E.A., The Pulse Volume Recorder as a Measure of Peripheral Vascular Status in People with Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics 2010 12, No. 1

2 Benitez, E., Pulse Volume Recording for Peripheral Vascular Disease Diagnosis in Diabetic Patients; Journal of Vascular Diagnostics 2015: 3 33-39

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simplePVR Sample Waveforms

Normal Waveforms – sharp rise, sharp fall, NOTABLE DICROTIC NOTCH!

Normal PVR Waveforms

Abnormal Waveforms – lack of dicrotic notch, reduced amplitude.

Abnormal PVR Waveforms

Severely Abnormal Waveforms – no dicrotic notch, minimal amplitude.

February 5, 2018 simpleABI