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simplePVR – Newman Medical Introduces New, Quick PAD Exam

simplePVR – Diagnose PAD in 1 minute!

Your patients trust you to diagnose PAD. Here are some reasons that adding a Newman Medical simpleABI system to your set of diagnostic tools makes sense.

  • More than 10 million Americans (>200 million worldwide) have PAD
  • Undiagnosed PAD leads to heart attacks and strokes
  • simplePVR diagnosis may be performed in as little as 1 minute
  • simplePVR may be performed with patient sitting (or supine)
  • With simplePVR  – no need to remove shoes and socks

simplePVR Implementation

Let us show you how to easily diagnose PAD


simpleABI Systems

simplePVR – Clinically Accurate!

  • Recent studies indicate a 92% correlation to color flow Doppler at the ankle1
  • PVR has been “an indispensable tool in the noninvasive laboratory for obtaining information regarding a patient’s perfusion in the lower extermities since 1973”2
  • Not affected by hand/toe temperature like PPG
  • Not affected by incompressible arteries, so especially helpful with diabetics

1 Lewis, J.E.A., The Pulse Volume Recorder as a Measure of Peripheral Vascular Status in People with Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics 2010 12, No. 1

2 Benitez, E., Pulse Volume Recording for Peripheral Vascular Disease Diagnosis in Diabetic Patients; Journal of Vascular Diagnostics 2015: 3 33-39

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simplePVR Sample Waveforms

Normal Waveforms – sharp rise, sharp fall, NOTABLE DICROTIC NOTCH!

Normal PVR Waveforms

Abnormal Waveforms – lack of dicrotic notch, reduced amplitude.

Abnormal PVR Waveforms

Severely Abnormal Waveforms – no dicrotic notch, minimal amplitude.

February 5, 2018 simpleABI