simpleABI vs. Summit Vista AVS – L500

Why choose simpleABI ABI-500CL over Summit Vista AVS

Why choose the simpleABI Systems over the Summit Vista AVS? In a word – efficiency. In another – price. With the automated cuff selector and PC based reporting, you get to a finished report must faster than with a Vista – time is money. Oh wait, money is money. Vista units, comparably priced, are thousands more. We’ll try to provide the facts regarding some of what we’re hearing and let you decide.


  • simpleABI systems have an integrated, automatic cuff selector.
  • simpleABI systems are PC-based, so when the exam is over your report is done. No post exam editing or downloads necessary.


Base Price $6,995.00 $8,995.00 $9,094.90
Cuff-Selector Included (Automated) Included (Automated) Optional (Manual) – P/N#K290 – $1066.05
2nd Year Warranty Included Included Optional – P/N#VISTACAP1 – $860.05
TOTAL LIST PRICE $6,995.00 $8,995.00 $11,021.00

Why choose simpleABI systems?

  • Automated Cuff Selector
  • Nearly unlimited exam storage (~500,000 vs 10 in Vista)
  • Stress Reporting available with ABI-600CL
  • PC-based makes reporting fast and easy

Why choose the simpleABI Systems over the Summit Vista ABI? Easy – time is money and money is money – don’t waste it. Our staff averages 20 years experience in vascular diagnosis. Our systems provide quick, efficient reimbursable exams. Trust Newman Medical to provide your equipment for vascular diagnosis.