simpleABI vs. Summit Vista – L450

Why choose simpleABI ABI-400CL over Summit Vista ABI

With the automated cuff selector and PC based reporting, you get to a finished report much faster than with a Vista – time is money. Vista units, comparably priced, are thousands more. Oh wait, money is money.


  • simpleABI systems have an integrated, automatic cuff selector.
  • simpleABI systems are PC-based, so when the exam is over your report is done. No post exam editing or downloads necessary.


Base List Price $4,995.00 $6,995.00 $5,350.85
Cuff-Selector Included (Automated) Included (Automated) Optional (Manual) – P/N#K290 – $1066.05
PC Software Included Included Optional – P/N#L450F – $854.90
PPG Probe Included Included Optional – P/N#L450PG – $530.45
2nd Year Warranty Included Included Optional – P/N#VISTACAP1 – $860.05
TOTAL LIST PRICE $4,995.00 $6,995.00 $8,662.30

Why choose simpleABI systems?

  • PC-based makes reporting fast and easy
  • Automated Cuff-Link efficiency
  • Nearly unlimited exam storage (~500,000 exams vs 10 in Vista)
  • Everything included lowers your costs
  • Additional Billable Codes with ABI-450CL

Why choose the simpleABI Systems over the Summit Vista ABI? Easy – time is money (and money is money) – don’t waste it. Our staff averages 20 years experience in vascular diagnosis. Our systems provide quick, efficient reimbursable exams. Trust Newman Medical to provide your equipment for vascular diagnosis.