simpleABI FAQ’s

Thank you for visiting Newman Medical simpleABI FAQs page.  Below you will find the answers to the most common questions on our simpleABI systems.

Aren't all ABI and vascular systems PC-based?

NO!  When you finish an exam on a simpleABI system, just press “FILE–>Save As”.  The competition only connects to a PC with multiple steps to download and complete the report after the exam is completed.  Make sure to ask us to create a PDF for you – and ask the same of the competition!

Do I have to use a Doppler for an ABI?

It is important to distinguish between clinical recommendations and requirements for reimbursement. The AHA/ACC guidelines recommend performing an ABI with a ‘doppler based device’.  It is also recommended that ABI is calculated at two locations on the lower leg. CMS guidelines have provided some testing examples that have pressures being taken at both the DP and PT arteries, however, this is not a requirement.

What is PVR (Pulse Volume Recording) versus Doppler Waveforms?

simpleABI systems use PVR waveforms.  These are recognized as easier to obtain. They are not susceptible to artifact due to junk signals caused by obesity, scar tissue, and venous interference.  The biggest disadvantage of Doppler waveforms is the high skill requirement.  With poor technique, waveforms can be made to appear abnormal on an otherwise normal individual. Also, the Doppler transducer might be over the wrong artery.  Doppler protocol is less “efficient” than PVR protocols.1

¹Daigle, R.J., The Pocket Guide to Physiologic Arterial Testing, p.104: Summer Publishing, 2013.

Why PVR may be clinically better than Doppler for physiologic testing.

PVR waveforms perform a comprehensive assessment of the blood flow of the ENTIRE limb at a certain level. Bidirectional Doppler waveforms only assess a certain artery at a certain spot. Physiological testing is a diagnostic test of blood flow at levels and PVR waveforms assess the entirety of the limb.

What is ABI Stress – 1-page Automated Stress Reporting?

Our ABI Stress Report is a 1-page examination that includes pressures, waveforms, and a time study graph of pressures over time. This reports fits ABI stress workflow. It will not attempt to run multiple ABI exams with opening, closing, and reopening exams all while trying to perform an exam.

When is the PPG used in vascular testing?

The PPG is used on the toe to take a toe pressure during the toe brachial (TBI) exam.  This is useful in patients that may have diabetes with incompressible arteries in the legs.  Smaller vessels located in the digits are not affected and a TBI may be performed. Note TBI exams have different guidelines included on our reports.

Can I use my own computer with the simpleABI system?

Yes, our simpleABI systems will allow you to use your own Windows based computer.  Systems currently ship with Windows® 10.

Can I edit a simpleABI report after the exam is completed?

Yes. simpleABI software allows interpreting physicians to easily open a report and to add post-exam notes. This can be done on the system computer or on the doctor’s own computer.

Are all the simpleABI systems compatible with EMR?

Yes.  simpleABI systems are PC-based, therefore it is easy to adapt them to your EMR system and attach our reports to patient records.  Reports can be saved in several electronic formats. We also offer a robust DICOM option to easily connect to PACS servers. Our support team can assist your IT department in implementing your solution.

Does the simpleABI do any venous tests?

While the simpleABI hardware is capable of performing some venous tests, there are no reports provided. Venous testing is operator dependent and requires expertise for accurate results.

Does the simpleABI perform upper extremity testing?

Although the simpleABI hardware is capable of performing some upper extremity testing, simpleABI systems do not have upper extremity reports provided. Upper extremity testing is operator dependent and requires expertise for accurate results.

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