Vascular Blood Pressure Cuffs

Reduce The Risks Of Cross ContaminationEZ-Clean and Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs

Protect your and your patients health! Newman Medical is proud to introduce vascular blood pressure cuffs that can help reduce the risks of cross contamination.

Infection control is a major concern in today’s healthcare facilities.  Blood pressure cuffs are increasing being noted as a potential source of infection cross contamination, and current vascular cuffs are notoriously difficult to keep clean and may be impossible to disinfect.


Vasocuff Disposable Vascular Cuffs

Disposable vascular blood pressure cuffs. These new disposable/single patient use cuffs eliminate the potential for cross contamination from sharing vascular cuffs between patients. Disposable cuffs for problematic patients.

EZ-Clean Reusable Vascular Cuffs

Easy to clean vascular blood pressure cuffs. Non-permeable nylon increases peace of mind when dealing with leg ulcers. Disposable cuffs for problematic patients.

CUFF-210L – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuff, 12cm long

12cm long Vascular Cuff for use on upper leg.

CUFF-210 – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuff, 12cm

12cm Vascular Cuff for use on the arm or leg.

CUFF-200 – EZ-Clean Vascular Cuff, 10cm

10cm Vascular Cuff for use on the arm or ankle.

Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs Are A Major Source of Contamination