simpleABI vs. QuantaFlo

Why choose the simpleABI Systems over the QuantaFlo?

Why choose the simpleABI Systems over the QuantaFlo? Having been in the vascular business for 30 years, we’ve seen companies similar to FloChec and QuantaFlo (Semler Scientific) come and announce ‘the latest & greatest’. We’ll provide our viewpoiunt regarding some of what we’re hearing and let you decide.

  • The QuantaFlo FDA 510(k) uses the FloChec as the predicate device for FDA clearance.
  • FloChec’s own FDA 510(k) says “it is not intended to diagnose disease”.
  • Medicare considers PHOTO PLETHYSMOGRAPHIC DEVICES to be experimental and non billable. Not under fee for service! Not for Medicare Advantage Plans!
  • QuantaFlo is a ¬†PHOTO PLETHYSMOGRAPHIC DEVICES – deemed experimental by Medicare
  • CPT 93922 and 93923 REQUIRE a pressure be taken at BOTH of the posterior tibial AND the anterior tibial/dorsalis pedis. The statement is an AND statement not an OR statement – an indices from both arteries MUST be taken. The single sensor on the finger cannot biologically perform such a function. Photoplethysmograph (PPG sensors) do not meet the REQUIREMENT of those 2 CPT codes. You can see on QuantaFlo reports both arteries are not reported.

Why choose simpleABI systems?

  • simplePVR Evaluation Testing can be done in 1-2 minutes
  • Ability to subsequently perform a reimbursable ABI Exam
  • Advanced Systems with segmental and stress exams

Why choose the simpleABI Systems over the FloChec or QuantaFlo? Our staff averages 20 years experience in vascular diagnosis. Our systems provide quick screening AND reimbursable exams. Trust Newman Medical to provide your equipment for vascular diagnosis.