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simpleABI Systems with Cuff-link

Automated Systems for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Easy & Efficient workflow - Cuff-link Automated Ankle Brachial Testing
With the Cuff-link automation, single level or multi‐level exams proceed quickly to completion. No moving cuffs or tubing during standard exams, help your staff improve efficiency of vascular testing.

Choose the system to meet your needs - Any budget, Any protocol - ankle brachial testing, segmental testing, ABI stress testing
simpleABI systems have you covered from single level testing to multilevel testing to vascular stress testing. From manual, cost-effective systems to fully automated. Whatever arterial testing you want, simpleABI systems have a solution.

Decades of Experience in vascular diagnosis
Whether you are just getting started in testing and need help with ankle brachial testing protocol and ICD-9 (or ICD-10) codes or you've been performing vascular exams for years, we're here to help. Our customer service and technical staff can help you with learning your simpleABI system or helping you navigate the nuances of peripheral arterial disease.



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